The Sure Valley Start Up Development Platform

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Sharing key relationships with global companies and networks, we provide the building blocks for portfolio companies to grow.

Sure Valley Ventures Platform

Sure Valley Ventures has designed and developed a state-of-the-art Platform based on industry best practice that can provide significant guidance and supports to help develop founders and their start- up companies. This Platform Model has a proven track record of successfully delivering a custom programme of mentoring, training, networking and a series of growth supports to accelerate the development and growth of our portfolio companies.

Platform Portfolio Advisory Board

The Sure Valley Ventures team has created a Portfolio Advisory Board from our global network of technology leaders, investors, suppliers and academics, with key clusters in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, New York, London, Cambridge, UK, Dublin, Ireland and Zurich. This ensures our portfolio companies have access to a diverse, broad and a substantial network providing them with access to recommended talent, sales leads and customers, investors and to strategic partners. The Portfolio Advisory Board members serve as mentors and advisors, to share domain expertise and provide real world advice and coaching to help with business strategy and improving operations.

Created and established by successful entrepreneurs in tech, Sure Valley Ventures offers bespoke and structured support from those with first-hand experience in every stage of a start-up life cycle.

As part of the Sure Valley Ventures portfolio, your company will have structured onboarding, tailored development workshops, expansion planning and future capital support as your company grows.

Our networks span globally from the existing companies we’ve supported, scaled and grown, to our wider EU network, and stretches globally to Silicon Valley.

Sure Valley Ventures is led by Barry Downes, an established and successful entrepreneur in his own right. Having built, grown and sold his own successful tech start up, Barry and his team have first-hand experience in funding, investment, company growth and development, right through to IPO.

The Sure Valley Ventures platform is headed up by Partner Cian Hughes. Cian has over 20 years’ experience within Venture Capital, accelerators, executive networks, software solutions, mobile platforms and supply chain operations. Cian leads the development of the VC platform for the Sure Valley Ventures fund, onboarding of portfolio companies and their transition through the platform programme.

As a portfolio company of Sure Valley Ventures, you also have access to our trusted supplier relationships to benefit you company, and your team.


Our existing investments include VR Education Holdings, development studio WarDucks and AR/VR monetisation platform Admix.


Our existing investments include cloud platform Wia, CameraMatics, and medical device cybersecurity company NovaLeah.


Our existing investments include AI software automation company Artomatix.

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