We Offer

Sure Valley Ventures

is focused on investing at an early stage and helping software entrepreneurs grow and scale ground-breaking new technology companies.


Grow your business with us

We focus on areas of large growth and potential over the next 5 years.

We invest in early stage start-ups in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We are 100% focused on helping entrepreneurs build breakthrough software businesses.


Leverage our strong network

We are a United Kingdom and Ireland based Venture Capital firm and have a strong network to leading companies, universities, research institutions and start-up Accelerators.

We are also based in and connected with the City of London the most global financial centre in the world.

We are also well connected in Silicon Valley and seed companies will be able to leverage our broad network there.


Helping innovation-driven start-ups

We support our start-ups all the way from inception to IPO and can bring the right kind of supports to our companies at every stage in their development, through our start-up Platform: from R&D support, marketing and sales, funding for growth and our network of experienced executives and support expanding the business in across Europe and the USA.